SANCTUARY - An extended music work in six parts by GARY DALEY

Sunday March 15th, 3.00pm, Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

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 Nine of Australia’s leading jazz, classical and world music players will join together on 15th March at Riverside Theatres for the concert and CD launch of Sanctuary – a work that plays between traditional folk elements and contemporary jazz improvisation. Described as a mesmerising dreamscape, which at times sounds almost like a chamber music ensemble, the unusual combination of cello, sax, accordion, clarinet, electric and lap steel guitars, piano, mandolin and bass, achieves the sonic embodiment of a Sanctuary.    0073

The Sanctuary Album

The recording company Mir Creation (Ross A’Hern and Ben Gurton) felt that the lush composition and spiritual aspects of the suite would lend themselves to recording in a space that allowed the music to breath and sing.   Ben Gurton said “We recorded in the Cerretti Chapel in Manly.  It is the sort of space that allows the ensemble to ‘mix’ the album themselves, to play with the reverb in the space and duck and weave in and out of the composition as in a performance.” The combination of surround sound, high-resolution recording, the best equipment available, and the lack of post-production studio manipulation translates to a recording that faithfully captures the sound of Sanctuary as it sounded in the beautiful Cerretti Chapel. This is a unique approach to recording jazz that allows the musicians to record in spaces that allow their instruments to sound as they should in performance spaces and then places the listener at the very centre of the performance. P1090671 P1090675 cropped (2)


Tickets for the Child Ballads now at the Turning Page Bookshop

The Child Ballads is exciting new music by saxophonist and composer Andrew Robson. The work brings to life English and Scottish folk songs, (collected in the C19th by Francis Child) for which only the words survived, allowing them to be performed by this all-star ensemble of   Andrew Robson – saxophones, Mara Kiek – voice, drum, Llew Kiek – guitar, bouzouki, Steve Elphick – double bass.



A dream review of the Julien Wilson Quartet, 14th June

One week after the Quartet performed at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival we hosted them here in the Blue Mountains at Springwood.  One review from the previous Saturday in Melbourne said their show was “the perfect ending to the penultimate day of MIJF 2014.”

A review from heaven for our concert.  julien-wilson-quartet-review-tenor-sax-proves-hes-up-there-with-the-greats-20140615-zs8cz.html