Mara! and Martenitsa Choir – Together In Concert

Live at the Village welcomes back the Mara! band to launch a very beautiful CD, Tra Parole e Silenzio. The band members Mara, Liew Kiek, Paul Cutlan and Steve Elphick have composed on the tender poems of Eduardo Di Giovanni. The Legendary saxophonist, Sandy Evans completes the quintet.

The multi ARIA award winning Mara! are joined by the Martenitsa Choir to perform the songs they have recorded together. Mara Kiek will conduct and singer Silvia Entcheva will feature.

Mara! have developed a unique style which fuses folk roots with modern jazz expressionism. In Tra Parole e Silenzio the individual composer’s works form a unified song cycle, reflecting more than two decades of working together at the leading edge of world music.

Don’t miss this great evening of World Music and improvisation at its best!

Saturday March 31st at 8.00pm.                                                                                                            The Presbyterian Hall, 160 Macquarie Road, Springwood.                                                                 Tickets: $30 / $20 conc.                                                                                                                             Tel: 4751 5171 or at the Turning Page Bookshop.

For more info and sampling of their music, check out Mara!’s website at….

3 thoughts on “Mara! and Martenitsa Choir – Together In Concert

  1. Dear Friends at LIVE@the Village,

    I want to start by saying how glad i am that you exist. I first became aware of you in June 2010 around the time i was presenting a large concert with dinner in Blackheath with two fine local bands, Wheelers and Dealers & Skorba. At a time where i was attempting to breath life into the community capacity to respect, support and benefit from live music, I was glad to hear of you and became a patron ever since. I am enriched by your motivation and committment to quality and in my opinion there can not be too much of it. There are many brilliant musicians within our own community…with not enough quality work opportunities and I respect the platform you create for them amongst other esteemed guests. I hope that you get every bit of support that you deserve as it is not just the musician’s lives you are improving ….its the lives of the listener…who are indeed receiving a healthy form of intoxication.

    So as a kindred sprit in terms of vision, committment, quality and organising capacity i highly commend you and admit that my life would be all the worse without you.

    On that brings me to the reason I found my way to your blog… MARA & MARTENITSA CHOIR in Concert Last night at LIVE.
    It is with sincerity that I take this opportunity to gush.I was captivated and inspired by THE most beautiful array of harmonies i have ever heard live in concert. The range of the voices , combined with the impeccable timing and diffucult arrangements blew me away. The layers of sound fit together perfectly…like it is just one entity with no sepparate parts…created by the band Mara, consisting of all players who are the example of musical cream individually and yet conveying so much respect to the whole. My heart is warm and I am so glad i have a CD to transport me back to the LIVE experience. I have found that the Sound at LIVE is one of the best quuality experiences I have anywhere in the mountains.
    Congratulations and Thankyou.

  2. Dear Meg, Thanks for such a heart felt note. Yes it would have to be one of the best concerts anywhere ever. There are two more coming up, one in Sydney on April 20th at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, then at Wollongong on 21st. The Mara web site has details.

    Your passion for music comes through. Thanks for what you are doing to organise concerts in the upper mountains and out west. Best wishes, Mary

  3. Thanks Meg: I don’t often write on blogs, but we really appreciate your comments about the organisation and our concert. We really enjoyed giving it. Cheers to all volunteers, organisers and audience members!

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