Gary Daley’s work Sanctuary coming July 22nd

The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre at Penrith is presenting Sanctuary at 3.00pm on Sunday July 22nd.

Sanctuary is the first work that Live at the Village has commissioned and the premiere performance took place last November at our Springwood.  It’s an hour long work in six parts played by a nine piece ensemble of leading Australian musicians.  The on line magazine the Global Mail’s arts writer Stephen Crittendon described it as A mesmerising dreamscape of post-modern folk, featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians.”  He added “The artistic standards achieved… would have done any international festival proud.”
Some of our first nighters were so entranced by the work that they went to hear it the next day at the Parramasala Festival in Parramatta.  July 22nd is a chance to hear the beautiful work again, or enjoy it for the first time.  For bookings, here is a link to The Joan’s website.

Sandy Evans performs at Springwood in June

The Australian queen of saxophone, Sandy Evans, returns to Springwood with her Indian Project on June 23rd.  Sandy has been visiting the sub-continent for a number of years to study aspects of Indian music, and back home working with some remarkable musicians on sitar, tabla and classical Indian singing.

More info soon.  Tickets on sale 1st June at the Turning Page Bookshop or by phone to the shop on 4751 5171

A new band is born

Tonight the premiere of a new band, so far just called Gary Daley and Friends.  Daley on accordion, Brett Hirst double bass, Llew Kiek bozouki, Bruce Reid guitar and a banjoguitar (sorry Bruce I might not have described this correctly) and Osama on drum.

A very beautiful combination of instruments.  Works they played included a Bernie McGann piece, something from the Mara! band repertoire, a trad. American piece, and two compositions by Bruce Reid.



Amphibious CD “Splendid Virgins” launched May 18 at Springwood

Splendid Virgins, the title of Amphibious new CD, is a rendering of the 15th Century Monastic chant O Virgo Splendens.  In Amphibious hands the voices of cello, bass clarinet and guitar weave sinuously together, peppered by buckshot and subtle micro grooves from the drums.  In Secret Love they re-work Doris Day’s well-loved hit.  Somewhere takes material from Somewhere over the Rainbow and grafts it into a Stravinsky inspired progression, interrupted by a post-rock wall of guitar, electric cello and drums.

Here is what has been said about this young(ish) band Amphibious and their first CD – by some of the most authoritative names in music.

“The atmosphere of this highly original album [aLive & Breathing] is of jazz-infused classicism delivered in fascinating moods, from floating tranquillity to surging excitement.” John McBeath (Weekend Australian April 2011)

“One of the most exciting young ensembles to come my way is Amphibious. They are musicians of rare talent, combining astonishing virtuosity, expressivity and honest communication of striking beauty. They defy old trends by crossing classical boundaries and are on the verge of carving a real presence in the music industry… ” Paul Dyer,  Director of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

“Amphibious combine classical music’s melodies, with the free abandon of jazz and killer pop hooks, for a new music – perfectly adapted for the modern, genre blurring world.” Peter Nelson, “On The Corner”, 2SER-FM, Sydney

“Amphibious are onto something quite special. Their unorthodox instrumentation makes for an ensemble sound which strikes the ear as truly fresh. It “works” because each member is a consummate musician and an utterly fluent improviser. With such innate musicality, they are able to bring their beguiling pieces to life in a thoroughly organic and natural manner.”  Lloyd Swanton,( musician, composer, broadcaster: Leader of  The catholics,  Co-leader, The Necks

“…music’s always depended on finding new ways to create fresh unity out of diversity. Amphibious brings to this process a subtlety and sophisticated musicality that ensures whatever direction they follow will be fresh and inventive.”  Ross Edwards (one of Australia’s foremost classical composers).

“aLive & Breathing “contains elements of jazz, rock, classical and folk, but the results sound organic and integrated rather than cherry-picked. The mood is often pastoral and the playing sensitive and affecting.”  John Shand (Sydney Morning Herald April 2011)

” Amphibious are one of the most interesting young bands around, highly interesting in their off-the-beaten-track approach to harmony and a rhythmic sense of timing and pacing that is definitely beyond the normal fare. Their sound world is really quite unique. I like the sense of openness and adventure of these musicians!” Georges Lentz (one of Australia’s most renowned Classical music composers)


Mr Percival wowing audiences on The Voice – we already knew

Last July here at Springwood we enjoyed Darren Percival and observed that he is a world class entertainer with a brilliant voice.  His big personality, brilliant use of looping the voice to sound like many voices and for a few songs joining James Valentine’s Quartet was an entertainment that won’t quite come through on The Voice.  Great he is getting the exposure, he should be a shining star to many:  Have his own show!

A note today from one of our regular audience members, “Spellbound by Mr Percival singing a James Taylor song on The Voice – after Live at the Village, consider him OUR Mr Percival!”


Free Concert Saturday 12th

Gary Daley and Friends will play at the Townhouse Plaza in Springwood about 10.30 on Saturday 12th May.  This is one of Live at the Village’s free community concerts.

Gary will be on keys, Bruce Reid on lap steel guitar, Llew Kiek bozouki, and Brett Hirst double bass.  These local musicians are members of various top line bands including The catholics, Mara! the Sandy Evans Trio and Dragon.  Come down for a coffee at Zac’s Pink Papaya or just perch in the arcade for an hour of great music.


Kristin Berardi & Mothership win major award

Some of you Live at the Villagers will remember our concert in May last year Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra.  That was the start of the national tour peforming this album.  Last week this album won the big award The Australian Jazz Award (known informally as The Bells after Graeme Bell) for Best Jazz Vocal Album.

Congratulations to Kristin and the Mothership.  Richly deserved.